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The Latest Update on the Cyber Attack of Las Vegas Casinos as of Oct 22, 2023

THE CYBER ATTACK &The Impact on Caesars

So, here’s the deal:

Caesars Entertainment, a leading casino chain, faced a serious cyberattack recently. A group of hackers demanded a ransom of $30 million to stop leaking the personal data of Caesars’ customers. The data included driver’s license and Social Security numbers of many loyalty program members.

Caesars decided to negotiate with the hackers and agreed to pay $15 million, which was half of the original amount. The company hoped that this would prevent the hackers from releasing the stolen data, but it could not guarantee it. Caesars also reported the breach to the SEC and offered identity theft protection services to its customers.

Caesars Palace Hotel in Las Vegas

The cyberattack on Caesars was followed by another one on MGM Resorts, another major casino company. MGM’s computer systems were shut down for 10 days, affecting several hotels and casinos. MGM’s CEO said that the company did not pay any ransom and tried to protect its core systems from further damage. The hackers also accessed some customer information from MGM, but not their financial or payment details.


In September 2023, MGM Resorts, you know, those big casino kings, got smacked with a nasty cyberattack. It was a real headache, and it messed up their game for several days. Now, here’s the kicker: this attack didn’t spare any of their top Vegas hotspots like the Bellagio, the Cosmopolitan, or the Mandalay Bay. It even spread its digital claws to other MGM resorts across the good old US of A.

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA - FEBRUARY 2019: The The MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas at night.

The chaos it caused was no joke. Guests had all sorts of problems – slot machines went haywire, ATMs refused to cough up cash, electronic key cards wouldn’t unlock doors, and payment systems went on strike. You couldn’t even make an online reservation without hitting a virtual roadblock.

MGM had to go old-school and whip out the pen and paper for some transactions because the tech was acting up. They even gave folks a break on change and cancellation fees for bookings that got caught in this cyber-crossfire. It just goes to show, even the big shots like MGM aren’t safe from the cyber baddies.


Well, buckle up because MGM and Caesars have a legal storm raining down on them with a vengeance. These casino giants are facing a total of nine lawsuits in the wake of those bothersome cyberattacks that hit them like a wrecking ball.

You see, after these cyber villains wreaked havoc on their systems, it wasn’t just about fixing the digital mess. People who felt the impact of the chaos are now demanding answers and justice. These lawsuits are like thunderclaps in the legal world, and they’re targeting both MGM and Caesars.

Business lawyer team. Working together.

Folks affected by the attacks, be it disrupted vacations or financial hiccups, are pointing their fingers squarely at the casino heavyweights. They’re saying, “You should’ve protected us better!” and now they’re seeking compensation for the trouble they endured.

It’s a real high-stakes showdown, and the outcome could set some serious precedents in the world of cyberattacks and corporate responsibility. So, these big players aren’t just dealing with computer glitches; they’re smack in the middle of a legal maelstrom, and the pressure is on.

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