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Slot Machine Player - YouTuber - Blogger

Slot Machine Player
YouTuber - Blogger

My Name Is Anthony Montikas.

I am a full time emergency room nurse and in my spare time enjoy gambling at local casinos and in Las Vegas.


While navigating the demanding atmosphere of the emergency room, a widely recognized high-pressure environment, I found solace in occasional casino visits as a means to unwind and distance myself from the challenging situations I encountered.

Gradually, these visits transformed into a captivating journey within the world of casinos, marked by significant jackpot wins that ignited my fascination.

Several years ago, I embarked on a new endeavor by starting a YouTube channel dedicated to sharing my diverse encounters within local casinos and the dazzling realm of Las Vegas. On this platform, I present a range of content, including educational videos delving into the equipment I employ.

Additionally, I offer glimpses of both triumphant victories and unfortunate losses, maintaining an authentic portrayal.

My central message revolves around responsible gambling—advising individuals to stay within their means and acquire the skill of leaving as a victor when necessary.

Big T Slot Guy - Casino blogger & Slot Machine Player