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Hey there, I’m Tony, AKA Big T Slot Guy. I am a full time emergency room nurse and in my spare time I enjoy playing the slots at my local casinos and Las Vegas. On my website and YouTube channel you can follow my adventures in the casinos. I keep things real and show my wins and my losses. The bottom line, and my philosophy is to only spend what you can afford and learn how to walk away with your winnings and buy something nice.

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Viva Las Vegas
Follow my gambling adventures in tinsel town. I regularly travel to Vegas to play the slots. Read tips and advice on casinos, food and places to stay there.

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Follow my stories here to see if I win or lose on each of my gambling adventures. I also give some useful gambling tips.

Big T Slot Guy - Casino blogger & Slot Machine Player

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Here you can follow my exploits via videos from my YouTube Channel.

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